Let’s Play Wall St ‘Bail Out’ — NOT!

24 09 2008

Rep Kapture rocks the house again!: ‘Lets play Wall Street Bailout!!!’
September 22, 2008 C-SPAN

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Where did the government get $85 billion to bail out AIG?

19 09 2008

On Tuesday the U.S. government agreed that the Federal Reserve would supply $85 billion to bail out American International Group, the world’s largest insurance company. Does the government really have a spare $85 billion lying around just in case?

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5 Apps For Painless Windows Reformats

3 09 2008

Thanks to customers who can’t avoid spyware and trojans to save their lives, I’ve gotten pretty quick at backing up, reformatting, and finishing off Windows installs. I’ve got five core tools that I use to get the job done, and here they are.

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