GE’s New Water Heater Could Kill 30 Coal Plants

8 04 2008

Finally water heaters have come under EPA regulation, and we’re about to see huge improvements in efficiency. This means lower heating bills, less energy use, and less greenhouse gases.

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2 responses

7 08 2008


electric water heaters are 100% efficient and Gas are in 80 to 95% percent range. Where is the huge increase going to come from?

7 08 2008

What exactly is your arbitrary 100% supposed to mean? i.e. relative to what, a huge pot full of water on your stove, lol? The fact that electric water heaters need to invariably keep 25-50 Gallons of water hot should be enough to discern the difference between it and an extremely more efficient device that heats water on the fly, only as needed…

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