BREAKING NEWS: Ron Paul on CNN Late Edition 5/20/07

21 05 2007

Watch Ron Paul do a superb job defending his principles on CNN’s Late Edition – Sunday May 20, 2007. The USA needs this man for President!

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The Ultimate Linux Reference Guide for Newbies

20 05 2007

Very nice and complete linux commands reference.

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FOX News hates Republican candidate Ron Paul

17 05 2007

“They tried to tarnish his images in their news reports, tried to skew his position in their debate (even resorting to discrediting their own poll when he came out on top in it), and the day after they feature every candidate except him on their website. FOX News hates the only candidate with integrity and the truth that he stands for.”

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Japanese Women’s New Look: “Bon-Kyu-Bon” (“Big-Small-Big”)

15 05 2007

“All over Japan, retailers are scrambling to keep up with a new look known as “bon-kyu-bon.” It means “big-small-big” and it signals a change in the way Japanese women look: they’re getting curvier.”

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The 10 Best Places To Find How-To Videos

15 05 2007

“Once upon a time, how-to guides were all about numbered lists and badly-drawn diagrams. Now those guides have gone multimedia, with a slew of new sites offering video how-tos from the users themselves. Here are 10 of the best.”

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13 05 2007

“The new online music player is out! This new version includes drag & drop to create playlists, AJAX everywhere and a lot of sexy features such as similar artists recommendations and the killing feature “listen with a friend” which allows you to listen in real time to what a friend is listening to”

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How to REALLY erase a hard drive

3 05 2007

“You may already know that “deleting” a file does nothing of the sort. But did you know that your disk drive has a built-in system for the secure erasure of data?”

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