AT&T calls Google a hypocrite on Net neutrality | Signal Strength – CNET News

27 09 2009

AT&T is accusing Google of being a hypocrite when it comes to Net neutrality because it blocks certain phone calls on its Google Voice service.The carrier has written a letter to the Federal Communications Commission claiming that Google has violated the agency’s Net neutrality principles, which Google has long supported. Google defended its position in a blog post written by Richard Whitt, Google’s main lobbyist and telecommunications lawyer in Washington, that basically said AT&T is comparing apples and oranges.

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Black holes may devour stars from the inside –

23 09 2009

As if they weren’t considered beastly enough, black holes can dive into nearby stars and devour them from the inside out, scientists now suggest. Such invasions by such black holes could help explain the most powerful explosions in the universe, gamma-ray bursts, whose origins remain elusive.

How To: Rip Your Music Like a Pro – How To – Gizmodo

20 09 2009

For most people, dropping a CD into their disc drive and clicking “Import” in iTunes is good enough. For music freaks, though, it’s not—and with good reason. Here’s how to digitize your tunes, the right way.

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Man travels across 37 countries on $2 | The Daily Telegraph

12 09 2009

A TOURIST has spent eight years travelling across 37 countries with the equivalent of $2, relying on his bicycle for transport.

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IEEE stamps “approved” on 802.11n Wi-Fi standard – Network World

12 09 2009

The IEEE has finally approved the 802.11n high-throughput wireless LAN standard.

There’s been no public announcement yet by IEEE. But Bruce Kraemer, the long-time chairman of the 802.11n Task Group (part of the 802.11 Working Group, which oversees the WLAN standards), has sent out a notification to a listserv for task group members, which includes a wide range of Wi-Fi chip makers, software developers, and equipment vendors.

IEEE stamps “approved” on 802.11n Wi-Fi standard – Network World.

Cell phones and radiation: 10 best and 10 worst | Yahoo! Green

10 09 2009

How much radiation does your cell phone emit? It’s easy to find out the answer thanks to the Environmental Working Group’s new online guide to cell phone emissions.

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Opinion: The unspoken truth about managing geeks

10 09 2009

Computerworld – I can sum up every article, book and column written by notable management experts about managing IT in two sentences: “Geeks are smart and creative, but they are also egocentric, antisocial, managerially and business-challenged, victim-prone, bullheaded and credit-whoring. To overcome these intractable behavioral deficits you must do X, Y and Z.”

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Google’s Custom Solar Technology Will Reduce Costs by 60% : TreeHugger

10 09 2009

Google’s developing new solar tech that will drop the cost from 18 cents a kW-h to just under 5. At least, it’s hoping to.

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The Frame: Hubble telescope’s latest images

10 09 2009

WASHINGTON AP — A refurbished U.S. space telescope is showing Earth the sharpest photos yet of cosmic beauty, complete with heavenly glows. NASA on Wednesday unveiled the first deep space photos taken by the Hubble telescope since its billion dollar repair mission earlier this year. That work included installing two new cameras, other science instruments and replacing broken parts. The images of galaxies and nebulas are sharper than previous photos taken of the same places by Hubble before the upgrade. Some of the colorful images have brilliant glows of light that give them halos that to some people can appear heavenly. Here is a look at some of the most recent images from Hubble and some of the images taken earlier by the telescope

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An Unlikely Star Among Seafood Causes a Row –

10 09 2009

The answer to the eternal mystery of what makes up a Filet-O-Fish sandwich turns out to involve an ugly creature from the sunless depths of the Pacific, whose bounty, it seems, is not limitless.

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Battleship Island – Japan’s rotting metropolis |

8 09 2009

These days the only things that land on Hashima Island are the shits of passing seagulls. An hour or so’s sail from the port of Nagasaki, the abandoned island silently crumbles. A former coal mining facility owned by Mitsubishi Motors, it was once the most densely populated place on earth, packing over 13,000 people into each square kilometre of its residential high-risers. It operated from 1887 until 1974, after which the coal industry fell into decline and the mines were shut for good. With their jobs gone and no other reason to stay in this mini urban nightmare, almost overnight the entire population fled back to the mainland, leaving most of their stuff behind to rot.


25 Linux tips for Windows switchers | News | TechRadar UK

1 09 2009

Don’t see what all the Windows 7 fuss is about and thinking of jumping ship to Linux?The experience of switching to Linux needn’t be a traumatic one.Here are 25 things you need to know that will make your transition to an open source OS easy.

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